ASA CX-2 Pathfinder

ASA’s CX-2 is the pilot’s choice for flight computer due to its many outstanding features:

·  Most versatile and easiest to use

·  Authorized for use on FAA Exams

·  34 functions give you access to 40 aviation calculations

·  16 unit conversion functions

·  Prompts guide you through each problem

·  Calculate and convert within any function

·  Easy to read menus and user-friendly data displays

·  Menus structure provides easy entry, review, and editing within each function; change variables and recomputed without reentering the whole problem

·  Inputs and outputs are clearly labeled, and numbers are displayed within units

·  Includes a stopwatch, count down timer, and an internal clock that displays both local and UTC time

·  Functions can be used together in chain calculations – the answer to a preceding problem is automatically entered into subsequent problems

·  Menu organization reflects how a flight is planned and executed, resulting in a natural flow from one function to the next with a minimum of keystrokes

·  Carrying case protects computer inside the flight bag, and fits on the back of the unit for easy storage

·  5-year warranty.

Reg. $79.95

Discount Price $78.50




TechStar-Flight Computer by JEPPESEN

Pre-flight and inflight planning could not be easier. TechStar handheld computer offers:

·          Over 25 aviation calculations

·          55 conversions

·          6 independent memory registers

·          Value entry that can be made in any order, or changed at any time

·          Pilot-friendly use

·          Ability to work on one problem while another onscreen calculation is being complete

·          Weight and Balance calculations that include weight shift formulas

·          Three years warranty

·          Batteries included

#JS506000........Reg. $79.95
Discount Price $78.50




Available in three convenient sizes.
Includes instruction manual and case.
#JS514236 (CR-2, CR-3, CR-5)..........




Our CR Circular Computers offer solid construction and proven performance. Whether you’re solving wind triangles, polar grid navigation, or pressure pattern flying, CR Computers prove their value and versatility every day. Useful in high and low speed problems. They automatically compensate for temperature rise and compressibility factors. Instruction manual and vinyl carrying case are included with each.


CR-2 Circular Computer 4 1/4” Diameter

Reg. Price $31.95

Discount Price $30.75


CR-3 Circular Computer 6” Diameter

Reg. Price $31.95

Discount Price $30.75


CR-5 Circular Computer 3 3/4” Diameter


The CR-5 is very similar to the CR-2 Computer except a few less frequently used functions were eliminated in order to maintain readability with the reduced size, 3 3/4”dia. The modern true air speed solution was slightly altered and the wind scale also somewhat reduced to permit this very small computer to function.


Reg. $30.75

Discount Price $ 29.95




Metal Slide Graphic Flight Computer  E6-B

Heavy-duty metal construction assures long life, high accuracy, and enduring quality. Solves low and high speed problems. Non-glare finish. Complete with instruction manual and carrying case

Price $32.95

Discount Price $30.75



Student Slide Graphic Flight Computer E6-B


Full function, full size. Perfect for the budge-conscious student. Constructed of rugged plasticized composite material. It conforms to the instructions and examples in Jeppesen manuals, workbooks, and audiovisual programs.

Reg. $14.95

Discount Price $15.75




E6B Computers by ASA



Contains all functions used by general aviation pilots, including C/F conversions.
Crosswind component grid on reverse.
Drift correction and Mach number index.
All aluminum w/ etched scales.
Comes with case and instruction book
E6B (9" full size) Reg. $27.75
Discount Price $26.95

E6B1 (6" pocket size) Reg. $27.75
Discount Price $26.95


E6B-P (9" coasted bristolboard)

ASA paper Flight Computer
Reg. $10.95
Discount Price $10.50